The Natural Healing of Cancer – that works!



Always there are solutions by which any problem can become healed – long term – including cancer. Read how I did it – totally naturally, and be inspired !

In the summer of 2012 it was discovered my prostate had become affected by cancer. We had recently returned from living in Northern Tuscany where we had been systematically robbed totalling some 70,000 euros over a building project, and which had caused me a great deal of distress.

Initially, following a biopsy, I had been offered ‘treatment’ by the local hospital which I’d instinctively refused. I have come to recognise my health is my responsibility – in league with and trusting the infinite/profound Life process. I then proceeded to develop my own health regime.

September 2021, following my PSA readings having reached a phenomenal 100+, I was given a CT scan and bone scan. No cancer was found! Currently (2023) I am aged eighty five years.

Most notably, according to my understanding, matured over a long and healthy lifetime, and as a practising third generation herbalist, my approach is to work for harmony, NOT to fight anything, including cancer and any other disease, which to my understanding is ‘civil war’ – one part battling against another (duality)! I confirmed this in the early days of working as a practitioner, teaching relaxation and meditation in the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, of which I was a co-founder back in 1979.

And therefore, of course I never have my body vaccinated. Over this period of claimed pandemic I had not been infected with covid, and only wore a mask when rules obliged me to.  I have my own natural physical protectors, and also a positive attitude to living Life – deep trust in what are natural processes of Life, sufficiently free of, and with an understanding of the powerful destructive influence of mental fear and negativity engendered by ego – and not allowing outside influencers who have their own hidden agenda and need for control of your mind – psychology/conforming to the expectations of others, rather than daring to respect and act upon one’s own initiative and innate understanding and promptings.

My daily regime, based on what I understand of Wholistic principals, developed over time has reached the following – incorporating a natural, mainly organic diet, my own individual herbal formulations also including seaweed, grated frozen organic whole lemon, natural supplements including vitamin D3+K2, vitamin B Complex, Resveratrol, Curcumin, Ubiquinol, CBD, and Dr Zach Bush’s ‘ION Gut’, intermittent fasting ( I consume two meals a day during an eight hour window) and applying psycho-spiritual practices, including stillness/meditation, which progressively enhances the ability for non-reaction, non-judgment in all circumstances. Stress causes the body to become more acidic, which can contribute to such diseases as cancer.

In complementing the whole picture – I regard both the intermittent fasting and ION Gut as having a most powerful enhancing influence on physical and mental health. The daily fasting gives the body much more time to conduct the ultra-important function of detoxification and regeneration. Additionally it reduces the desire to over-eat – generally I don’t experience hunger. ION Gut engenders a wide complex of essential, fundamental gut bacteria which, scientists have discovered, both influence and protect health, from the cocktail of pollutants flooding the Earth, particularly the highly toxic Glyphosate, constituent of the weed killer ‘Roundup’, again, the profoundly mistaken idea that ’killing’ solves problems – borne out by the fact of the wars which have been conducted continuously across this planet for centuries – and that solve nothing!

Even in the early stages of this period I was aware I had no feelings of fear – of anything. Rather, my awareness was and always is one of Life’s profound support and unconditional LOVE. Additionally, as both my own person AND as a practitioner I am aware that having no fear for myself OR the client, but replaced by inner knowing of support and love is a most powerful aid to the healing process. Very subtly it can enhance the self confidence of the client. Life’s (God’s) love/support and absence of fear are synonymous!

Over these past few years I have come to recognise the importance of always avoiding focused ‘investment’ for or against anything, which makes things more exclusive/separate/fragmented – this the nature of duality, e.g. politics or religion. Why ? – just read on . . . .

I have learned the nature of this universe is duality, the cause of all separation and conflict. Solution is to be found only in a progressive return to non-duality/Oneness/Wholeness, by learning about and practicing ‘letting go’ and ‘letting things take their course’, the best current reading being in the books of advanced spiritual and psychological guidance by Gary R. Renard and his two friends, Arten and Pursah, the first actually entitled ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’, which are precursor to the great teaching contained in ‘A Course in Miracles’ – a massive, great leap towards the eventual return to actual Oneness/Wholeness, the very source of Life. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but nevertheless I refer to it for the benefit of those who will explore it. For a further exploration see my article on this site, ‘The limits of Thinking and the Vision Beyond’ –

Basically and logically, it is about exploring and learning of what may be the causes of any disorder, the barriers to health, and being prepared to enter into change (health or relationship). This is a necessary part of the actual healing process (as opposed to just taking drugs that can only attempt to control symptoms), and will make its own contribution towards improvements in and protection of health.

Progressive change to improve quality of life, towards greater wholeness/integrity  can only be done by learning about and adhering to the Natural order of things. There are no synthetic short cuts. Then fear for the future is no more.

Regarding my own health, I can honestly claim to have experienced no fear for my health throughout this the latest stage of my life. Why? Because I have learned to trust in the Life process.

To my understanding, actual healing is influenced by the degree to which all such aspects referred to above are involved, bearing in mind that we are all different, and so we respond to things in a slightly different way. This requires us to make selections that feel appropriate to us – never to copy someone else willy nilly!

I have put together the forgoing, firstly to make it clear there are many natural ways to assist in the healing process, and to give support and encouragement to anyone who is facing any great challenge in their current lives (health or relationship). But it does require trust, faith, patience, and commitment! Don’t give up at the first hurdle, and don’t be influenced by the negativity (and sometimes plain deceitfulness) of others – whoever they are!!!

To avoid being a victim learn to question, from the stillness within, not blindly accept and conform to what is dished out.

Then you become the cause of your wellbeing – as I did.

P.S. I nearly forgot to mention that breathing through the nose, and not the mouth, increases oxygen intake into the blood, good for resolving cancer. Also it generates Nitric Oxide which has anti-viral properties. Personally I reckon this is far more effective in protecting you from any virus, than wearing masks, which actually can reduce oxygen intake. Good idea ??

You can download a printable copy of my leaflet dedicated to this here...