The Limits of Thinking and the Vision Beyond



Can thinking ever be the means to healing the dire state of the World?

A matter of profound urgency – for everyone.

There are growing numbers of people deeply disenchanted with the dead, regimented lifestyle we seem to be obliged to live, and who are looking for meaningful alternatives – something more vitalising, inspiring, ideally a way of life that is beyond continuous division, fragmentation, competition, corruption, deceit, confrontation, war (fighting against anything and everything), disease, pain, etc., that provides nourishment, healing, actual resolution, enjoyment of life – peace !

We are witnessing across the planet a seemingly unstoppable wave of societal breakdown, chaos, a way of life that has never been sustainable. A way of life controlled by EGO – selfishness and division, 100% born out of fear and insecurity.

Whatever is required to replace it, is an individual responsibility to discover, and which must involve a complete turnaround of understanding, can only be found by witnessing the stillness within – beyond thinking. *

As I first started to write this article it became apparent just what a vast and immensely important subject had been put before me – by Life.

I use the term ‘Life’ rather than ‘God’ because, to me, it feels more representative of the ‘state of being’ that is at the core of everything manifest, literally throughout the seeming vastness of the universe. And maybe a term more initially acceptable to people who have lost touch with the vital sacredness of the life force within themselves – and others.

But, I was thinking, these writings, as with my own personal life, require updating unceasingly, such was, I thought, the infinitely expansive, realm of Life into which, it would appear, we were moving (real-ising) – into which we should expand before we totally destroyed both our physical selves and the planet we depend on for our existence !! That is, if the core energy that is Life – natural law and those who administrate it – would ever allow us to have strayed that far . . . 

 . . . until I came to a certain point where I re-discovered . . .  Life is not what I thought it to have been. * Progressively I will expand on this . . .


We live in a world that is fast being torn apart, solely as the result of thinking – how could that be? Thinking, and the mechanistic, un-alive, all-consuming images/structures, egos, it creates and maintains, is the one and only source of the utter and increasing chaos plaguing our lives today.

The function of thinking creates images, and images are about me, the thinker, and the object I have created/projected, which is the nature of duality – me and ‘it’. ‘They translate the wishes of the mind.’  Dr Kenneth Wapnick. See his presentations on YouTube.

So, thinking is how we experience separateness, fragmentation, isolationism, narrow view, stagnant set-ness (all of which is duality, the nature of life on this planet, and, apparently, the universe)  out of which is born the all too familiar and consuming fear for one’s apparently separate self, which in turn appears to justify exclusive self-interest (buried in unconscious narcissism), competition, deceit, exploitation, corruption, control, aggression, conflict, war, viciousness, desolation, and everlasting deep pain and sadness.

Furthermore, the kind of thinking I’m referring to is that which is unconsciously indoctrinated/programmed, and un-grounded, obsessive, sterile, rooted in the past.

Virtually every person alive will be subject to thoughts, and contorted scenarios, unconsciously created by thoughts, that possess/obsess, to varying degrees, every moment of every day. Thoughts, and the images they produce, give one a false sense of identity, which is ego, upon which we’ve been taught to depend ( I am this, I am that, I am good, I am a failure, everyone’s against me, she should, ‘he shouldn’t speak to me like that – I, I, I, me, me, me – in fact, as already stated, aspects of narcissism/control ).

Most images are generally so very subtle that we are not conscious we are composed of them – until one (of them) is questioned and therefore exposed. Even then, the temptation is to justify, deny, defend or ignore, unaware of the limiting, long term damaging effects of so doing – on ourselves, our relationships, and the world.

It is of paramount importance to see that anything that is set, in outlook, opinion, belief, custom, doctrine, and which is adhered to (clung on to) for the sense of security it falsely represents, is therefore disconnected (alien) from the startling immediacy of actuality – revealing ‘what is’ – no thinking, only stillness – that could/can lead to Awareness, Oneness/non-duality.

It has become very clear to me that every one of the trillions of thoughts thought in a day involves the creation of images (out of which we unconsciously make judgments, assumptions and comparisons), every one of which is intrusive, fragmentary and unwarranted, and that we unconsciously project on to others – blame (me and them = duality). Thinking is trapped, and us with it – at least until we are willing to stand back and recognise this as fact. It cannot expand beyond its own limits – other than thinking it can !!!!

Consider the constant torrents of thoughts and words and their discordant, fragmentary images and energies, constantly being projected into Earth’s atmosphere by millions of people, all pulling in different directions – polarity/duality . . .

 . . . a sobering thought – in this dualistic state,  cohesion/oneness is not possible.

Additional to our own created images, which are no more real than Mickey Mouse projected on a cinema screen, we are subject to a never ending flood of divisive images intentionally projected, to influence and control, by the media, politics, corporations, orthodox medicine, advertising, etc. – all of which would have you believe they represent reality/actuality, but in fact is that which keeps you the controlled, imprisoned VICTIM  –  IF YOU BELIEVE THEM (including all the questionable propaganda regarding the profoundly erroneous idea that it is necessary to be ‘fighting against’ such as covid-19, and every other disease, instead of understanding fundamentally, what contributes towards greater health/Wholeness, and therefore intrinsic protection from disease).

The soul destroying, mechanistic, industrialised world most have been, literally enslaved to – profit and power before all else – is the direct product of fragmentary thinking which if you give it sufficient focus you will see is pulling things ever farther apart – including the disgusting and dangerous scenario of the rich getting richer (including spending on wildly self-indulgent travelling into space) and the poor, poorer – at least for the time being!! And the poor are not just people but the environment too – our environment. An insane, ludicrous, unenlightened, immature approach to ‘living’ life. How could there possibly be a healthy quality of life under such a regime?

I once saw on a hoarding the words  ‘image is everything’ (are we supposed to dispense with feelings and become automatons?) – this is the insidious means to control and brainwashing !

The White Rabbit in the story of Alice in Wonderland retorted “You’re nothing but a pack of cards”. Substitute ‘images’ for ‘cards’ and it appears to me that’s what the world is composed of, just mind projected images, conforming – or is it per-forming, like puppets – according to expectation. Nothing real at all, nothing original. How desperately sad is that!

Consider the word ‘vicarious’, meaning substitution, not the real thing. That is ‘thinking’ and the images so produced. Today we exist via machines/technology, with iPhones, iPads, computers, TV, radio, cinema, emails, twitter, magazines, newspapers, alcohol, drugs, – the perfect representation of superficial image controlled existence – anything but connection with the real, the actual, interpersonal – in the moment. That is living vicariously – again, which is not living at all, it  is  just   dreaming  one’s  life  away!  We are so unwittingly deeply programmed/conditioned that the images feel real . . .

. . .  BUT, where is the ACTUALITY? . . .  Or is it just PROJECTIONS? . . .   Yes, it IS ALL JUST PROJECTIONS!!  . . .  There is NO ACTUALITY, understanding that is now shared by psychology and many cutting edge scientists. Einstein understood this.

The egos across the world, that are so desperate to be in control, out of their own abject fear and insecurity – in REALITY are JUST MORE ILLUSIONS, and inevitably must fade away – particularly if we would simply question their actions !! Question them from your own inner awareness, they are then powerless – can you SEE (realise) this?.

Being led to believe we must put on a good image and conform, NEVER be real – NEVER question, NEVER be open and aware – for fear – consider how painful, sad and rejected that must feel to the ignored, real self within. Do you ever feel a deep sadness, the origin of which you cannot reach or explain?  

Just STOP and be still for a while, and observe life, for yourself, as it is – actually. Be present, in the stillness of being – what do you actually sense, feel – this is the only way forward. This is the gateway towards actuality/reality. 

Ah, but what is ‘reality’? At this point let me just suggest we continue with the exploration and let IT lead us to greater clarity regarding this question.

A prime example (of projected images) is competitive, divisive politics (divide and rule), one of the biggest exploitive con-tricks in the world, perpetrated upon and holding back a STILL as yet largely unquestioning, but increasingly angry and dissatisfied public, with incompetent politicians, who, incredibly, are not required to train and qualify for this immensely responsible job, (really more like some Ealing comedy film), trying desperately to keep up a façade of organisation and control, inevitably failing abysmally, evidently mostly being more obsessed with their own views and desires than actual humble and respectful, open-minded concern for the wellbeing of the whole nation, or union, they are supposed to be serving. BEWARE, EGOS RULE . . . whilst YOU let them !!

And the blame/hate game is high on the agenda for politics, a most boring, irresponsible, immature, archaic, destructive practice, if ever there was one. Most assuredly the current divisive political system has run its course – and desperately needs to be replaced by a more cohesive, community process!

Serving the whole requires maturity, by way of a subtle, all-encompassing awareness, way beyond the capabilities of the little ordinary mind / ego.

In his book ‘People of the Lie’, Scott Peck writes, “Erich Fromm (author of ‘Escape from Freedom’) was acutely sensitive to this fact when he broadened the definition of necrophilia to include the desire of certain people to control others – to make them controllable, to foster their dependency, to discourage their capacity to think for themselves, to diminish their unpredictability and originality, to keep them in line”. With thanks to Eric Francis, Astrologer,

And, a quote …”A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”– Edward R. Murrow, born on April 25 1908  With thanks again to Eric Francis, Astrologer,

In these times of utter chaos but, thankfully, progressive breakdown, it is of the greatest importance that we, each one of us, learn to question from our own innate perspectives, everything served up to us, rather than be led like a flock of sheep, this way and that way, back and forth, as has been the practice for centuries.  

Question everything – research for yourself. It is always ‘the few’ (those with open minds) who lead change.

Making an injury visible and public is often the first step in remedying it, and political change often follows culture, as what was tolerated is seen to be intolerable, or what was overlooked becomes obvious.  Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark.

ACTUALLY – OUR LIVES ARE OUR RESPONSIBILTY, and we are responsible to each other ……………… what further breakdown and catastrophe has inevitably yet to come about (or is Covid-19 enough, AND so-called global warming) that will finally open our eyes to this fact – and by that means arrive at a totally different perspective about what covid-19 actually is, beyond all the indoctrinated fear, aimed at control  ……… or, will it be too late ??

Quite simply, there is far less threat IF you will take the responsibility of living healthily  – but you have to take action for yourself, then things do actually work better. I would emphasize (in fact I would warn), there is no future for mankind on this planet without this.

 Imagine the parts of your body having the same ego-based, divisive, opinionated, competitive attitudes as currently prevails in the world – how could it possibly survive?? It wouldn’t, it couldn’t, it doesn’t !!  

However, it IS, what I would call, the greater mind that influences the state of everything – aligned either for cohesion, or ego-based chaos ! . . .   remember the ancient statement ‘No man can serve two masters’.

BUT THEN, AN EVEN MORE PROFOUND REVELATION  – one that here I can only put forward in simple fashion, one I hinted at above, but see the end of this article regarding a whole, new, advanced exploration of this subject*. . .  Everything you think you see, or meet up with in daily life and in relationships, is only your projection – out of the images created by your conditioned mind – the way you translate things, NOT the way they actually are. Because we have become so  out of touch with actuality/REAL-ity, it requires a complete and utter reconsideration of what Life is all about.

Furthermore, and this is a very big one . . . IF everything we think we relate to is actually no more than a projected image, then we live in a totally illusory state, in an illusory world, in an illusory universe.*

This gives further perspective to just how hugely challenging it is, what utter commitment is required, to respond to the vibrant LIFE within which would have us perceive beyond what is a depressing state of total beguiling illusion and delusion, where currently, we are yet seemingly alien/outsiders to original Oneness – yet, like the prodigal Son, which we are bound to return to, completely, eventually – quite simply, there is no ducking out. *

I’ve mentioned before, a saying by J Krishnamurti, in fact two, the first “Can you look at a tree without naming it?”, and the second, “The only reality is ‘What is’ “. Both require a complete stillness of mind, to facilitate. Then, actual, limitless communication of and by the tree becomes possible . . . beyond all indoctrination! Naming and analysing the tree blocks all of that.

The second quotation invites and facilitates an expansive, limitless survey/meditation on all that exists, within, of the within and what appears to be outside and around. And which can take you for the rest of your life . . . 

 . . .  and this requires simply committing to giving up analysis, comparisons, judgement, of yourself, of others, of situations – exploring and allowing all the many facets of ‘what is’, in the moment . . . by means of the still mind.

So, earlier I posed the question, ‘what is reality’? Look around you and recognise everything you rest your eyes on is a projected image, labelled by the past idea ‘of what it appears to be’, what the indoctrinated mind says it is. So this is a table and that is a pen, etc. Can you see/understand, this is NOT seeing ‘what is’? This is the habitual past controlling the present. No actuality here then.

Consider this – actuality/reality/’what is’ can only be realised in the moment, in total stillness, non-judgmental awareness. Only then are there no barriers, no objectivity (me and it/duality), no separation, no effort, therefore . . . actual Oneness . . . only here can there actually be everlasting peace, love, light, lightness, and true guidance/wisdom/inspiration. Nevertheless, this is still not the whole story.*

*In the early Spring of 2021 I was introduced to a book entitled ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ by Gary R Renard, and which very loudly ‘rang bells’ for me. I immediately obtained a copy which I read twice over, such is its revolutionary, but fascinating, absorbing, extremely important message, especially at this particularly dangerous and chaotic time in world affairs.A book in which I found great resonance.

In fact this is ancient wisdom recently re-presented in a simple, practical, direct, and uncompromising fashion – from the core – that actually enables one to enter into the resolution, through a unique process of forgiveness, of the dross accumulated over centuries, that, once cleared, will finally enable one to return to the origin, the core of life, Oneness, Stillness.

And this is what has influenced me to revise all of the foregoing. This book, and the succeeding further three books written and complied by Gary, explores what it takes to go beyond the limits and disbeliefs of the egoic part of the mind, that leads to a permanent state of non-duality/Oneness – thereby releasing oneself from constant reincarnation.

The book ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ identifies that there are only two choices in Life – to either allow the ego to run, or is it ruin, your life or to choose to become aware of and tuned into the ‘higher self’, that which from ancient biblical times is known as ‘The Holy Spirit’, also is ‘known’ as Oneness. Oneness is described as perfection, completeness, and which the physical mind cannot and never will understand.

It makes it clear that the universe is a place of duality, twoness, objectivity, them and me, EGO! Duality is the seeming/dream state of everlasting conflict, never, ever able to experience harmony/perfection/Oneness/Love. As Oneness is the reality of perfection, completeness, then twoness can only exist as a figment of the imperfect, egoic mind, illusion; in fact projection.

Involved in re-learning how to see everything in life as actuality, Reality (Wholeness/Oneness) is the necessity to practice a new and unique form of forgiveness which can, in time, return everyone to the source, permanently (Oneness/Wholeness/the Holy Spirit/ the higher self/perfection/stillness).

Forgiveness is described as ‘the healing of the perception of separation’ – changelessness/stillness/completeness instead of ever changing/incompleteness.

The fundamental problem of course is that, from birth, we are subtly indoctrinated into believing the current way of living and interrelating is normality !! It’s so ingrained into our perceptions of how we conduct ourselves. Thus, if we are ever to move beyond this state, there is a huge challenge to, minute by minute, discern what of our thoughts and actions propagate and maintain duality, and therefore our reactions to it. And this does take enormous patience and commitment.

Be very clear, ego is adept at deception. It wants its own way and will do whatever is required to be in control, of what seems to be ‘the status quo’, even maim or kill – ‘the wolf in sheep’s clothing’, narcissism – all out of fear for its illusory self. Just like the wolf, it pounces when all seems harmonious and awareness is switched off, suddenly all hell is let loose. Simple as ‘forgiveness’ seems, I have to emphasize, it takes real commitment to LIVE one’s life, discerning what is duality in all its many devious forms, and releasing oneself from the illusion. 

Constant forgiveness, of all that disturbs, progressively clears (resolves) the accumulated dross (duality) in the unconscious mind that is dragged from one incarnation to the next, affecting and down-grading quality of life.

The four books written by Gary Renard will progressively take you ever deeper into an amazing new life. I am so grateful and privileged to have been offered this incredible opportunity for both psychological and spiritual advancement.

The final goal being, like the prodigal son, to return home – for ever !


It is said that before entering the sea

a river trembles with fear.


She looks back at the path she has travelled,

from the peaks of the mountains,

the long winding road crossing forests and villages.


And in front of her, she sees an ocean so vast,

that to enter there seems nothing more than to disappear for ever.


But there is no other way.

The river cannot go back.

Nobody can go back.

To go back is impossible in existence.


The river needs to take the risk of entering the ocean

because only then will fear disappear,

because that’s where the river will know

it’s not about disappearing into the ocean,

but of becoming the ocean.

Khalil Gibran.


Wholeness and ‘Living in the moment’ are not just ideas – they have to be deeply, profoundly understood and lived. This is a transformational process which necessarily takes time, patience and, most of all, commitment.

Exercise:  An ongoing exploration . . .

“ ‘What is’ is the only reality”. . .  J. Krishnamurti.  

Seeking to understand the enormity of this statement requires an open mind – in fact a very STILL mind . . . .

Carefully consider the following – Judgement of, Comparison of, Labelling, Criticism, Blame, Rejection, Confrontation, Aggression, Reaction/Fighting against, Killing, Sickness, Disease, Jealousy, Resentment, Hate, Anger, Irritability, Impatience, Negativity, Inferiority, Superiority, Derision, Dismissiveness, Control, Narcissism, Playing victim, Propaganda, Conformity, Effort, Competition, Deceit, Exploitation, Corruption, Vengeance, Rape, Fear, Insecurity, Defensiveness, Justification, Expediency, Expectation of self or others, Terrorism, War, Death, Pain, Sadness, Guilt, Torture, Punishment . . . .

. . .  all are unquestioned aspects of Dualism – what, sadly, we take for granted as normal in our daily lives – therefore unconsciously seeing ourselves as victims, OF. And is the result of continued, unquestioned indoctrination, conditioning, programming, by all aspects of the pervading culture  . . . . the media, government, industry, even much of entertainment – by those who, out of a deep, probably unconscious, sense of inferiority and insecurity, therefore needing security, think they NEED to see themselves as superior, and having power to manipulate and control others – by deceit, presenting themselves as guides and protectors!!! Beware, which is short for ‘Be Aware’.

Yet they are obsessed by, and are servants to their actions – and eventual breakdown..

What is dualism? It’s seeing every thing in separation, which gives the illusion of ‘me’ and my interests as opposed to you and yours. Dualism is an illusion. The world appears to be full of threats, until . . . you come to realise all is your projection/image–ination.

The illusion of duality is about separateness, within which Peace, Love and wholeness/completeness does not and cannot exist.    

You see, resistance, hate, fighting against anything, only makes things more real. It resolves nothing, EVER !!

Dualism will not be resolved, ever, until we change. The world, even the whole universe, is simply a projection of our internal state of being, which we attempt to get rid of, project, by accusing and blaming others. Did you know, Earth is known as ‘psycho-planet’. Well there’s a surprise !

So, how does letting go/non-reaction become possible? First of all I’ve recognised that to judge and resist ANYTHING (fighting against) is to enhance it, to make it more real. Ah, but I’ve also recognised that what I’m faced with is my projection, OR I am so STILL – that actually there is nothing real to react to, nothing of which to become victim. And just think, if I want to blame something or someone, I’m blaming myself, for it is my projection, out of myself – in reality there is only Oneness, twoness is an illusion. Consider this for a while.

In these teachings it is put forward that the only way to return to Oneness/Wholeness is by way of a form of forgiveness that does not forgive sin, which actually never took place anyway, because all is a dream, but forgives the illusion of separation from God, the Oneness (in reality, right now we are pure spirit). Having appeared to become separate from Oneness/God, this forgiveness facilitates release and the progressive healing of the subconscious guilt, and accumulated karma, by, what is termed ‘The Holy Spirit’, the all-knowing, all-encompassing within each of us. 

The Reality, Core Essence of Life, Oneness, can be realised only within a state of stillness, peacefulness, awareness, in the absence of thinking, withdrawing from the ingrained habit of reaction and judgement – a very tall order, but totally necessary.

Further demonstration:- Pluck a single bow string and see the illusion of twoness.

Years ago, 1979, when we first opened the Bristol Cancer Help Centre posters were put up stating ‘Love is Letting Go’!

If you are so moved by the foregoing, then proceed further, to find actual resolution, by reading the books of Gary R Renard, the first of which has the amazing, but totally relevant title of ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’.  And then the following three books:- ‘Your Immortal Reality’, Love has forgotten No One’, ‘The Lifetimes when Jesus and Buddha knew each other’. Also, an in depth spiritual and psychological combined exploration entitled ‘The Meaning of Forgiveness’ by Kenneth Wapnick.

“Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world”.

In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.
In the pursuit of Tao, every day something is dropped.
Less and less is done until non-action is achieved.
When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.
The world is ruled by letting things take their course.
It cannot be ruled by interfering.   – Lao Tsu 500 BC