Iridology enables one to gain valuable information on and to assess the state of health of both body and mind. If you have any concerns, an iris examination can help you to understand the problem and its origins more fully, and to find sensitive and caring solutions.

An Iridology examination is a very special experience, clients say. They find it astounding, impressive, comforting and often life-changing.

Looking into the iris might be likened to entering a great cathedral; such is its vast, intricate and delicate design. So, an examination is conducted with respectfulness, sensitivity and keen focus – actually allowing the eye to communicate for itself – to reveal of itself – what it will. What is revealed is about the state of the body in concert with mind and its degree of connection with the inner life force.

Each segment of the iris of the eye relates to a part and a function of the body. The iris is coloured between shades of blue and through white, grey, green, yellow, orange and brown. Colour informs on levels of energy and activity, also on amounts of toxic waste stored in the tissue of the various parts of the body. Fibres of varying degrees of fineness make up the iris and speak of the strength of the constitution. Separated fibres inform on problems of function. Each of these facets contributes to an overall picture of how much wellness or discord you are experiencing.

To make possible the most personal exploration we photograph each eye and immediately screen these pictures on a computer. Looking into one’s self in this manner can deeply alter views and feelings about oneself. It can yield a greater understanding and enthusiasm to be prepared to enter the process of any change seen to be necessary – change in diet – change in the style of daily living – change in the way we relate to ourselves which inevitably influences the way we relate to others – transformations that will bring about a more harmonious, peaceful and healthful life.

See the different features in the three eyes portrayed here.

To facilitate subsequent consultations, in person or by telephone, we keep a record of the eye photographs for instant referral.