Personal services

Consultations (in person, also by phone, zoom or skype)


The most helpful method to determine your particular needs is by way of at least one, hour-long personal consultation to sensitively explore your current state of being, and with the aid of iridology, photographing your irises. Further sessions would be available, as may be desired or recommended.

Essentially, lasting natural healing is about exploring possible fundamental causes as well as symptoms. These may include diet, any drugs you are taking regularly, style of living, relationships, possible pollution where you live or where you work, and more. And what changes would help.

To support the regeneration and protection of your health we offer various combinations of herbs, in liquid and capsule, vital, fundamental support for the microbiome (in the form of the revolutionary new product ‘ION*Gut – see products page), specially formulated to suit your individual need and pocket.

Interestingly, most of our long standing clients find they can enjoy living until well into their eighties or nineties!! How many farmers at the age of ninety are still managing their own herd of cows – and enjoying it. One Somerset farmer certainly has been.


See also our products list containing our own formulated ‘off the shelf’ herbal products, and ‘ION*GUT – for humans and animals. Phone or email if you’d like help to make selections.


We also offer herbs for animals, particularly dogs – see testimonials for the amazing transformations of health.


So many dogs with cancer have been brought to us over the last nearly forty years. Probably our oldest and most famous (featured in The Daily Mirror) was nineteen years old Max, surviving nearly four years after the vet recommended he be put down, then suffering with a brain tumour.

The tide is turning – as many more people are realising the only means to actual health is by Nature. And, disease is not a mal-function of Nature that can be remedied in the long term by fiddling with the DNA. Disease is a signal that things are going wrong – and it’s time for change.


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