Custom Herbs for Humans and Animals

Subsequent to a personal consultation and/or receiving a completed detailed questionnaire, we offer unique formulations of liquid herbs, especially for your individual needs – or the needs of your animals.

Herbs have been used for thousands of years in the process of healing. Each herb is a complete, living process containing a wide range of trace minerals, and other elements, vitamins and enzymes, in the delicate, natural balance that perfectly serves the needs of the body – and mind.

Herbs not only promote the healing of sickness, but taken daily as a dietary supplement provide vital protection in this ever increasingly polluted world. Herbs help to maintain health and protect from infection in the long term, thereby improving the quality and length of the life span.

Each herb has the capacity to serve the needs of various bodily functions, with a bias to serve certain areas, yet to blend with a small number of other appropriately selected herbs. The aim is to promote improvements in the health and function of the sick parts, to bring improved integrity of the whole being.

So, to make it as clear as possible, we do not specifically ‘treat’ sickness/symptoms. With the larger picture in focus, we work to re-establish the wellbeing, integrity, health, of the whole being. The sick part influences the wellbeing of the whole. In the same way, the whole influences and supports the wellbeing of the sick part. Everything is interdependent.

A 270mls bottle of liquid herbs, for humans, lasts a month and is designed to afford optimum support if taken according to the dosage marked on the label.

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