How it all works…

You may be amazed to learn that Life is one vast interrelated, interdependent movement – complex, subtle, sensitive – complete.

As an example – see that every organ and every other working process in your body functions as a community, in service to the whole – to cohesion/synthesis. Each part serves the whole and in turn is served by the whole – there is no thing that functions or ever could function harmoniously, in isolation. A comparison in Nature would be a bee hive or an ant hill.

In service to this process, and when you are sick, we select combinations of herbs that facilitate better all-round function as well as those supportive of the actual sick parts. Herbs do not heal or cure, they supply nutrients and subtle energies, in natural balance, that enable the body to function more cohesively, more healthily.

Healing happens as part of a subtle, ongoing, living process.


We offer herbs for humans and animals – free guidance and advice for both.


Herbs have been used for thousands of years in the process of healing. Each herb is a complete, living process containing a wide range of trace minerals, vitamins and enzymes, and other elements, in the delicate, natural balance that perfectly serves the needs of the body  –  and mind. Herbs not only promote the healing of sickness, but taken daily as a dietary supplement help to maintain health and protect from ANY infection in the long term, thereby extending the life span, but more importantly, the quality of life.


However, it is most important to emphasize that herbs are a living process that progressively

bring about change and improvement IF you are prepared to be patient, continue with the

herbs, and allow the process to take its own time. The rate of progress is dependent upon how

sick and polluted your body is – and your mind !! Sometimes things may appear to be getting

worse for a short while – this is normal – we are happy for you to contact us if you are concerned.

Then gradually you will feel confident things are improving.


So it is that many of our regular clients live way into their eighties and beyond, one of whom, at over ninety years, was still farming in Somerset, and personally rearing his cattle!

Basically the health of your body is dependent upon a daily supply of nutrients from fresh, natural, health promoting foods and herbs. But, in recent years scientists have made an amazing discovery. At natural birth your birth mother passes to you a complex of thousands of bacteria, fundamentally necessary for the support they yield in the co-management and nourishment of the body, for the rest of your life. Progressively their numbers grow into trillions, in every part of your body and over your skin.

There are nourishing health promoting bacteria now known as probiotics = for-life. Also there are bacteria which assist in eliminating waste matter from the body. Under normal, healthy circumstances both types of bacteria work in balance, giving a vital service. Beyond ordinary probiotic products, we now stock one of the most important new promoters of gut health diversity in the form of ‘ION*Gut’ – see our products page.

Herbs and bacteria work in an intimately, interwoven process in the service of the health of the body.

CorianderHowever, it is most important to explore just why and how sickness comes about. The way we live our lives has become highly complicated, completely unnatural, progressively more disruptive and chaotic. 

It is now very clear that the body is not designed to cope with manufactured and chemically grown foods and medicines, pollution in the air and water – and continued stress, all of which is alien to its needs and ability to process.

The effect of these pollutants is to literally poison the body and mind, and totally disrupt the vital bacterial services – hence the massive increase, not only in bodily sickness but also in crime and corruption. Probiotic bacteria are destroyed in vast numbers, but the ‘cleaner’ bacteria multiply, initially in an effort to clean the body of all the toxicity. Unfortunately though, they in turn become a dangerous negative, toxic threat and subsequently the means to all disease, and overweight.

Chemically managed soil inevitably suffers in the same way, growing crops for humans and animals, which are progressively, far less than healthy, and in the process seriously affecting wildlife, which is causing the deepest concern.

What is the way forward out of this eternal mess?


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More fundamental than any other approach in daily life; relaxation of body and mind is a direct and powerful contributor to healing and the regeneration of cohesion. Why? Because, in this activity, there is a potential for ‘letting go’ of all the sterile fixedness of mind that presently controls our lives, identifying things in separateness and thereby robbing us of a meaningful cohesive/community style of life.

Relaxation into a state of stillness – meditation – releases us back into the oneness of all things. So much so that, if practiced regularly enough, even when we are busily involved with daily commitments, there becomes established an awareness of the stillness within, pervading throughout one’s self, and that of everything else in creation – eventually bringing about revelation – ever wider, inclusive perspectives, and a more vital and meaningful involvement within Life.

The philosophy behind the foregoing is derived from ancient wisdom, thousands of years old, studied and experienced as highly transformative over my lifetime, applied in my daily life and work.

Both Lao Tsu (a Chinese mystic) and Pythagoras (a Greek mystic) taught of this understanding some 2,500 years ago !!!  What they taught concerned the wisdom of ‘letting things take their course’, seeing the sheer destructiveness of interference, force and control, by the thinking function – simply trusting in the dynamic, rhythmic flow of Life – an inner ‘knowing’ that Life will serve our every need, and which, in turn, enables us – to contribute in service to Life – our raison d’etre. See our articles page forThe Limits of Thinking and the Vision Beyond’