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Hello and welcome!


We are here, personally, to help with any problem of health. These are times of great change and we represent 'getting back to the natural, order of things', wholeness, confirmed as the only way by ongoing cutting edge scientific research. And, only natural agents can support and enhance these fundamental, interdependent processes.

We are third generation herbalists, spanning one hundred and twenty years of accumulated knowledge and understanding, now even better equipped to help with all manner of health problems, for humans and animals.

We offer individual personal guidance on tailor-made liquid herbal formulations, encapsulated herbal compounds, probiotics, natural diet, support and understanding with stress and psychological problems. We teach deepest relaxation and meditation...... all of which contributes to fundamental wholeness (health).

We offer personal consultations at

Brook Farm, Nr. Buckfastleigh, Devon
7 Tuns Lane, Silverton, Devon
Combe House, Wedmore, North Somerset

We also offer personal guidance, support and information by telephone, Skype or email.

Since Michael was a co-founder of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in 1979 we have been much involved in the support for the natural healing of cancer in humans (which we have witnessed on many occasions), also animals - particularly dogs.

P.S. We are in the process of creating a new website to encompass still more of the new and exciting revelations of our time.



Michael & Marianne Brookman, Brook Farm, nr Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0HR, England
E-mail: enq@natures-sway.co.uk
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