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I want to thank you for the excellent service you give. It's like having a doctor on the end of the phone, one who really listens and wants to help. Please keep up the good work.. Mrs E Rowe, Bognor Regis.


I am writing to commend Mr Michael Brookman and his Mendip Natural Healing Centre (now Nature's Sway). For the past ten years his has been the sole source of treatment for my son Benjamin, who is profoundly ill having suffered brain damage 18 years ago. The medical profession gave up hope for Benjamin many years ago and my wife and I are of the firm belief that Benjamin’s continued survival and well being are very largely due to the outstanding treatment, advice and help of Mr Brookman. We are and always will be eternally grateful to him. Lieutenant Colonel P.J. Houghton, Warminster.


“I would like you to know that I do really feel an improvement since first I contacted you, I’ve still the problem but your herbal product has helped a lot, so now I should be able to jump over ‘The Moon’ with your latest ingredient, ginger, so there could be a ‘Woman on the Moon’ as well as the man ! Sylvia Davis, Orkney.


Dear Dr Bri….., I am writing to you in response to your request for (information about) natural remedies. I suffer from Endometriosis and the only help the doctors could give was a hysterectomy or a false menopause caused by drugs. I was really unhappy about the thought of drugs and their side-effects, but the pain and misery was so bad that I nearly put the prescription into the chemist. Before doing so I rang Michael Brookman who has been my herbalist for over two years. He recommended a special herbal formulation, I already take another of his products and he felt the combination of the two would help my symptoms by improving my circulation which he said caused the terrible pain. I have been taking it since May and the effects have been dramatic. Every period since has been pain free and I have been able to continue with life rather than lose two days doubled up in agony. I have written to the Daily Mail before in the hope of helping other women, but my letter was not printed. The herbs really do work, it’s even on my doctors notes and I know that if I had read about them I would want to try them. Mrs E Rowe, Bognor Regis.


“In the month I have been taking your herbs the following improvements have been noticed.
1. My bowels have improved 100% since being damaged by antibiotics four years ago.
2. My skin, which has been very dry on my extremities for years now, looks and feels like skin instead of sandpaper.
3. My menstrual cycle has returned almost to normal.
4. My hearing has improved – I suffer with an excessive wax problem.
5. My energy level has increased and I sleep very well now.
6. My ‘grey cloud’ has lifted and I have a general sense of well being.

All this after just over a month – I find it unbelievable !!

I have recommended your herbs to a lot of people who like me have felt generally under par and I just hope they try them for their sakes !!” Mrs Judi Evelyn, Bishop’s Stortford.


The regular use of herbs as we have witnessed for many years. Not only do all conditions respond to this form of nourishment, but longevity is affected too. Dogs kept regularly on our herbs have lived extended, active lives up to nineteen years old. We offer prepared, powdered products for the re-activation of various parts and functions of the body and special liquid formulations for individual and urgent need.

Our doggy history started some years ago when the Bristol Western Daily Press included an article about Lesley Wells’ Golden Labrador, Tommy, living on the Channel Island of Alderney, who had arthritis and cancer, took a course of herbs from us and regained his mobility and wellness and continued an active and mobile life for another two years. He outlived all the other members of his former litter!

The Daily Mail, impressed by our herbal stories, proclaimed ‘Herbs saved my Dogs’. Pamela Collings’ two Boxers had been suffering from Cancer and Arthritis. “Things started to improve very quickly. Poppy is well and happy - our vet is stunned. Rosie is playful instead of being depressed. We are absolutely delighted,” she reported.
Pamela Collings was so excited by our herbs that she became our regular ambassador and recommended many other dog owners to try our herbs on their dogs.

Michael & Marianne Brookman, Brook Farm, nr Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0HR, England
E-mail: enq@natures-sway.co.uk