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As third generation herbalists we have over a century's worth of experience and practical expertise in healing. At the beginning of the twentieth century a Mr. F.C.Carr began practicing as a herbalist at a time when the use of herbs was still widely valued and respected. Mr Carr's excellent reputation even led a wealthy client from Bristol to build large premises at Shipham in the Mendip hills in Somerset to house Mr Carr's ever expanding practice. Eventually this became known as "Carr's Mendip Hydro", and the dedicated Mr Carr continued to hold consultations there until he was well into his nineties.

After his death, my father Mr Ivor Brookman, who was already established in naturopathy, herbalism and osteopathy, succeeded Mr Carr at Shipham, but later relocated to his home in nearby Winscombe, where the practice continued to flourish for many years. .


Marianne & Michael Brookman


It was here that I became involved in my father's vocation as a healer, growing organically many of the herbs and other plants that he needed, and dispensing tinctures and tablets in support of his work.

My studies in herbalism, iridology, psychology and counselling continued for some years in tandem with working with and learning from my father, then in 1979 I started my own practice. My own innate understanding that healing can only take place by natural means helps me to contribute to the healing of many sick people and animals.

In the same year I participated with Dr Alec Forbes, Penny Brohn and five others in the foundation and development of the well known Bristol Cancer Help Centre. Hundreds of cancer patients world-wide used our herbal preparations and relaxation tapes, and I contributed my services there for ten years. This experience gave me special insights into the causes of cancer, and which natural methods might improve the chances of a return to health.

Like the Alchemists of the past we have spent many years delving into an Aladdin’s cave of life’s mysteries, unravelling secrets that mankind had forgotten the value of. Now, that incredible wealth of knowledge and understanding is becoming available once more as mankind realises a deep need to re-connect with Nature, and a more sane, harmonious and natural way of living.

Michael & Marianne Brookman, Brook Farm, nr Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0HR, England
E-mail: enq@natures-sway.co.uk